5 Best Short Term Investments to Grow Your Money

5 Best Short Term Investments to Grow Your Money

Short term investments are those investments that can yield their returns within a short period of time — usually within 1 to 3 years. (contrary to a long term investment such as saving for retirement).

In other words, short term investing are typically used to meet short-term financial goals (such as buying a house or go on a vacation).

A bank checking account is one of the best known and popular ways to save for such a goal.

But your traditional checking account only pays a meager return, if at all.

If you can’t find an alternative to a checking account, no need to fret.

There are plenty of short term investments that will help keep your money safe and earn a good return at the same time.

Below, we’ve curated the best short term investments to help reach your investment goals.

Things to consider:

First thing first, before you make any short term investments, you should know about the risk, return and investing time frame of short term investments.

  • Average return to expect: 1 to 4% per year;
  • Risk: very low to low risk of losing money;
  • Time frame: 0 to 3 years

Best short term investments:

If you’re saving and investing money for the short term, i.e., to use it as a down payment on a house, you will not invest that money in stocks or mutual funds, right?

That’s because, stocks are high risk investments. And if you need the money for a certain time, it might not be available due stock market volatility.

Instead, a smart choice is to save that money in a low-risk investment where you can protect the capital invested and earn interest/income at the same time.

If you have a different investing goal, such as saving for retirement, it’s best to look at stocks or mutual funds. Investing in stocks or mutual funds is considered a long term investment as opposed to short term investing.

If you’re interested in investing for the long term, here’s how the stock market works.

So, what are your options? Here are some of the best short term investments to consider to earn some interest on your money. 

1. Savings account.

A savings account at a bank is an excellent choice. And they usually pay more interest than a regular checking.

They are quite safe. Savings account are insured by the FDIC, but only for up to $250,000.

That means if a bank goes bankrupt, the government will step up and give you your money back.

In addition, they are very liquid. You have access to your money fairly easy.

2. Certificate of deposit (CDs).

If you want a good rate of return on money that you don’t plan on using within the next couple of years, CDs is a safe place to do invest it.

Banks sell certificate of deposit for a specific dollar amount and length of time. As an investor, you agree to leave a certain amount of money with the bank for a specific time.

When the time is up, the CD matures. Then, you get your money back, plus interest.

CDs are also FDIC insured for up to $250,000. They provide a safe and competitive yield. That makes them some of the best short term investments to consider.

The minimum deposit requires to open a CD depends on the bank. But it usually ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

The CIT Bank is paying 1.30% for an 11-month CD. There is an opening minimum of $1,000. With most CDs, if you tap into your money before maturation, you will get hit with an early withdrawal penalty.

However, with this CIT Bank CD, there is no penalty if you withdraw early.

CIT Bank has various types of CDs. If you prefer longer terms CDs, check them out now at the CIT Bank website.

3. Money market fund

While you can keep your cash at a bank in a savings account because they’re safe there, you don’t have to.

You can try a money market fund. They are safe as well.

A money market fund is a type of mutual fund (but thy don’t focus on stocks or bonds).

Mutual funds companies such as Vanguard offer money market funds.

Money market fund is not insured by the government, so there is a possibility you can lose money. However, they are quite safe.

They’re safe, because they have a dollar invested in securities for every dollar you deposit in your fund.

The principal money you invested does not change in value. When you invest in a money market fund, you earn dividends. That’s a good advantage.

Another advantage of a money market fund as a short term investment is that it provides higher yield than bank savings account.

It also allows you to write checks without incurring any charges.

So, if you’re saving money for a home that you’re going to buy soon, a money market fund is a safe place to grow your money.

4. Short-term corporate bond funds.

Bonds, in general, are similar to CDs. An exception is that they, just as stocks, are securities that trade in the market.

So, they may fluctuate in value, but not as much as stocks.

Bond funds are a collection of bonds from companies (large, medium, or small) from different industries. Hence, the name “corporate bond funds.”

Investing in bond funds can be used as a short-term investment. Sometimes, investors consider corporate bond funds to diversify their investment portfolio.

Just like a money market fund, corporate bond funds are not FDIC insured. But they are just as safe as a money market fund.

Plus, you don’t just invest in one bond or two bonds. If one bond in your investment fund takes a hit, it only affects a small amount of your money.

So while they are riskier than money market funds saving accounts, CDs, short term corporate bonds pay you more. That makes them one of the best short-term investments out there.

5. Treasury bonds.

One of the best ways to invest money in the short term is to buy treasury bonds. Treasury bonds are issued by the U.S. government.

There are three types: treasury bills, treasury notes, and treasury bonds. They are like CDs. Once the bond matures, you get the full money invested, plus interest.

Treasury bonds may provide the same or a better interest rate than CDs. But a big advantage is that, while they’re not FDIC insured, they are backed by the U.S. government.

In other words, the government promises to repay your money, which is considered to be very safe.

So if you have more than $250,000, you should consider a treasury bond.

Another advantage is that while interest on a CD is fully taxable, Treasury’s interest is state-tax-free.

In conclusion, short term investments are those in which you make for a certain and short period of time for a specific goal.

Short term investments aren’t the best if you’re seeking high returns.

But if you’re a beginner investor you should consider placing some of your money into these best short term investments.

Remember: don’t invest your money in stocks when you plan to use it within the next five years, because a stock market drop can dry out your investment portfolio.

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